Back to school

Back to school

Rosemary Aluoch turned to the dumpside of Dandora at an age of 13 when her mother died.  Now after hard times, a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance she works hard to get a diploma. ‘I am proud of being back at secondary school even if my Dandora friends laugh at me. And even […]

50th Slum Journal!

Our 50th Slum Journal is about us, Nairobi Community Media House, which we are so proud of! We, growing up in the slums of Nairobi, started this Community Media House to show our communities what the issues are in the slums. Not only the negative ones, but also stories about passionate and hardworking people who are […]

Youth embraces art

Joseph, a talented painter from Mukuru slums, knew he was an artist when he was still very young. He is passionate about his art but cannot yet live from his work. Even only paying for the materials is too expensive for his friends. ‘I offer them a sketch, but they want the taste of color’. […]

Careers in the slums

People from the slums have to go an extra mile to learn a profession and acquiring skills. Mark Wesa, a selfmade trained electrician from Majengo slums sees a lot of bad wiring. ‘If you don’t have the knowledge, stay away from it. It’s dangerous!’, he says. Mr James Njoroge is a carpenter who is an […]

Hair highly valued

Join me, your host Ursula Akinyi, as we tour the slums to tell you more about hairstyles. Don’t we all want a gorgeous hairstyle? Dreadlocks, shavings, plaiting, hairstyles inspired by magazines, TV or the streets. Millicent Awuor is a salonist who works at her doorstep. Her clients, Kariobangi residents, like her plaiting. Great styles at […]

Puppets for a message

Victor Otieno and Zangalewa are using theatre, music, and dance to mobilize people for events. ‘We use it to give information about certain issues, to educate and to pass messages, like we did in Kibera, the largest slum of Nairobi, on a event for peace before election time. People loved it and participated by signing […]

Thirst for news

More and more the slum residents use the internet on their cellphones to search for the latest news. Majengo slum residents Caleb Otieno and Jama Salim use facebook to look for newslinks. Also community radio is popular. Iqbal Moi, a community radio presenter: ‘We broadcast the voice of the voiceless in several slums like Mukuru, […]