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Fire tragedy in Sinai

Fire tragedy in Sinai

On September 12th, 2011 a fuel pipeline exploded right here in Sinai. Many people died or lost their homes in the inferno, caused by siphoning fuel. Who is to blame? Authorities help with calamities, but forget about slum people when everything cools down. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira.

Mobile gaming on the rise

No matter age, gender or class, we all like to play mobile games, because it is easy available. You can play the games everywhere on your cellphones. Most fans are kids. How is the parents opinion about gaming? Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Peris Wairimu.

Children playing

Playing is a important part of learning. Running outside, playing on the computer, creating things or making theatre. It all helps to develop childrens minds physically and mentally. Your reporters for African Slum Journal are Milan Kamau from Mukuru, Benjamin Sidori from Majengo and Issa Mbatia from LungaLunga slums.

Insurance awareness

Can you insure yourself against future risks? Joseph Mai had gone to Donholm to get food for his livestock when the Sinai fire broke out. Returning he found his house in flames and his family in hospital. The community helped him out a bit. Lack of insurance just made the situation worse. But is it […]

Obesity in the slums

Obesity a sign of good life? ‘Better three thin persons than one fat’, is the opinion of matatu touts. And doctor Fredrick Okong’o has some good advice on your eating habits. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira

Nani kama mama

‘Nani kama mama – Who is like the mother’ is a Swahili saying about how important our mother is in our lives. Also in the slums of Nairobi mothers are respected for their devotion towards their children. With the love from their mothers many people in the slums have grown to be responsible and successful […]

Sanitation a challenge

Critical issues in the slums are the poor drainage and sanitation conditions. Mama Kathure, a Pumwani resident: ‘When people dump their waste, the trenches get blocked and then with rains the water flows back into the houses. Very dangerous for the health of our children’. The youth groups from Lungalunga slums produce biogas from human […]