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Slum pets

Slum pets

Pets are common in the slums. For prevention, like a cat keeps rats out of your house, or safety reasons just like the dogs of the youth group in Kariobangi slums. Also people keep them for friendship and company. Frei Wamale shows us the way to take care of pets: a proper diet, good training […]

Crazy about soccer

The love for soccer, it all starts on dusty grounds with a ball made from waste plastic bags and ropes. Soccer keeps children from scavenging the dumpsites. Also girls are good in the field, and soccer is good for their self esteem. Your reporters  for African Slum Journal are Musa, Eriss and Peris.

Mobile money transfer

In the slums of Nairobi a lot of people use their mobile phones for browsing, listening to music & news, contacting friends, and last but not least paying the bills easily. Very widespread in East Africa is the use of mobile money transfer Mpesa, a quick and safe way for paying and keeping your money. No […]

Elders coping

Francis Murage at the age of 72 works as volunteer at the chiefs office in Mathare slums. Some people think that elders should retire to the countryside because they make job opportunities scarce, but others think we need them to guide us and show us the way. In Kariobangi is a home for elderly. But most […]

Light at all costs

The price of kerosine which is vastly used by low income earners is drastically increased, so cooking and lights are even more expensive for poor people in the slums of Nairobi. Kerosine lamps, called katadoba, are very popular in the slums, most of the time the only way to a have light at night. Although […]

Khat used & abused

Khat or ‘miraa’ is used by  a lot of youth from the slums. You chew the leaves to feel high, energetic and get an appetite. The sign of banana leaves hanging at the door of the shop indicates fresh khat is available. But too much is harmful for your health and it breaks up many […]

Food prices rising

Food prices rising high because of draught make living in the slums of Nairobi tougher every day. On Baraka slum market resident Mwajuma complains how difficult it is to feed her kids. In Kibera slums sack gardening allows slum people to grow their own vegetables. Your reporters for African Slum Journal are Eriss, Musa and Ursula.