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Nani kama mama

ASJ 25-maternal love‘Nani kama mama – Who is like the mother’ is a Swahili saying about how important our mother is in our lives. Also in the slums of Nairobi mothers are respected for their devotion towards their children. With the love from their mothers many people in the slums have grown to be responsible and successful people. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Benjamin Sidori.

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  1. No one wonts to see that gross stuff sucking snot out of a nose then showing her spit it out I have helped do a lot of surgery on large animals even births , but showing someone suck snot out of any ones nose is sick and gross, they have nose aspirator that suck snot from a babies nose and does not spread disease if you wont to be a journalist have sum couth all you did is made me not wont to watch any more od your videos and don’t pick a women to interview that is yelling and mad at the world she is on the verge of rage

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