PlayStation Games

PlaystationPlayStation games is growing fast in slums and most of the youths are addicted to it. Find out in this journal how this games educate and informs youths in the process of having fun in the society.

One Comment on “PlayStation Games

  1. This is fascinating. I wanted to know more about how the gaming dens work. Here are a few questions:

    – Are the prices for a full game, and how long does that game last?
    – Do the owners of the den mind if others watch and don’t have money to play?
    – You showed the clients playing football games. Do they play other games, too? If so, which games are the most popular?
    – Where are the dens located? Are they in the slum or outside? The flat screen TVs and Playstations seem very fancy. Is it safe? Do the owners worry about theft?

    Thank you very much for bringing these fascinating stories to the world. We care very much, and look forward to more African Slum Journal!

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