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The earth is covered 71% by water, yet water shortage and rationing in Nairobi Estates that lasts for months has forced water companies to come up with more innovative ways to provide the residents with this precious commodity. Our reporter Vivian Awour visited Mathare slums for their famed water ATM.


Sports’ betting has grown in leaps and bounds absorbing Kenyans into yearning and hoping for quick rich schemes. The promotional offers in the media and rise of casinos helps to maintain the gambling mentality for those who get the predictions right reaping big as the rest continue betting. Our reporter Bernard visited some of the […]


Your reporter Vincent Liboso shows you the places you should never miss to visit when you are in Nairobi-Kenya.


The campaign to burn 105 tonnes of ivory and rhino horns was symbolic to declaring war on the poaching menace. Our reporter Vivian Awuor witnessed this historic moment.  


Vision, determination and a forgiving heart best describes Dj Talanta. When he lost his arm during the 2007-2008 post-election violence he kept on going with a hope that the future will be bright, and with only one hand he makes a living from performing as a Dj. Our reporter Ursula Akinyi tells us the inspiring […]


The beautiful African prints is the way to go for the fashion industry which was seen to be leaning towards westernization. For Angeline the African prints gives her leeway to tap into her creativity and come up with unique designs for her clients. Ursula Akinyi our reporter tells the story of African Trendz.

Reuse your plastic wares – YouTube

Reuse your plastic wares instead of buying new. Watch our 97th African Slum Journal. When you live on less than a dollar a day, you like to reuse it more than once. For 50 Ksh, half a euro, Musila repairs broken plastic containers in Majengo slum, Nairobi. His work is called ‘chomelea’. In this video Musila tells […]