Playing makes children smart

Playing makes children smart

Playing gives children a chance to practice what they learn. When children play they learn to reason, to negotiate and solve problems. So it is important to allow them to play. Play is our brain’s favourite way of learning.  Slum Architects Association together with ‘Play without Borders’ introduce new games in Korogocho slums. Your reporter for […]

Sanitation and sports

Sanitation and hygiene are amongst the biggest problems in the informal settlements of Nairobi, with their flying toilets, the lack of clean water and unsafe places for children. This 99th episode shows that through sport and ballgames like ‘clean hands race’, or ‘world toilet cup’ the children in the slums can learn at early age about sanitation and […]

Clean cooking stoves

Clean cooking stoves are build in Amboseli in the south of Kenya.  Maasai women learn to build these clean cooking stoves from their neighbors from Tanzania. No more dangerous smoke and soot in the poorly ventilated houses. This causes a lot of pneumonia and eye diseases especially to children. A chimney attached to the stoves pushes […]

A special child

Ryan, the beautiful firstborn son of Christine is deaf and dumb as a result of the meningitis he had as a small baby, the doctor said. Despite all the difficulties because of this, for Christine her two boys are a bundle of joy. Much harder it is to live with the rejection by her family and her husband because of it. This really hurts […]

Beadwork therapy

For disabled children like Susan beadwork is a very helpful form of therapy. Susan is moving and lifting her arms, in this way keeping her muscles flexible. Making the pattern keeps her concentrated and active. That is a good exercise for her brain and eye-hand coordination. To become as independent as possible is the goal […]

Rape of a minor

For Faith home is not a place anymore where she feels safe, after she was raped by a 35-years old neighbor. ‘Before I was raped I was always happy and did study very well. Since that day I am afraid of everyone, the elderly, the young adults, because of what happened to me.’ According a […]

Family planning in Kibera

Women like Lilian in Kibera slums, Nairobi agree: ‘Family planning is a necessity. Life is very difficult when you do not plan ahead. And when you get pregnant it is difficult to work or go to school. ‘ Kibera is already very crowded. It is difficult to get housing. In Kenya the population is estimated […]