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Samosa recipe for Christmas

Samosa recipe for Christmas

This African samosa recipe is great to prepare for your Christmas parties.  Learn from Ursula Akinyi how to make the samosa quickly and easily. With a delicious filling of mince meat, black pepper, coriander leaves and spring onions it tastes really nice. Surprise your family with this tasty African treat during Christmas holidays. Be aware: practice first a few times, so […]

Rabbit Urine

Rabbit keeping is nowadays very popular in Kenya. In this 112th episode of African Slum Journal, small farmer Francis Wachira shares with us his secret of getting good yields from his crops through the use of rabbit urine. At first Wachira was keeping rabbits for the meat for his family and surrounding community. But now he is […]

Urban Farming in Kibera

Urban farming brings food and money it has brought life in Kibera. With a fast rising population in Nairobi, the demand for more and better food is growing tremendously. Still, many people from rural areas come to the city because they don’t want to farm. They think farming is something for old people, but there’s money in farming. Knowledge is […]

Extreme poverty

Is extreme poverty reduced in Kenya by 2015? The millennium goal number one! Fifteen years have almost past, and did Kenya succeed in reducing poverty? Many people still suffer from chronic food insecurity and poor nutrition. Prices of food and fuel are high. Basic needs like food, housing and education are lacking. For slum residents […]

Obesity in the slums

Obesity a sign of good life? ‘Better three thin persons than one fat’, is the opinion of matatu touts. And doctor Fredrick Okong’o has some good advice on your eating habits. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira

Food prices rising

Food prices rising high because of draught make living in the slums of Nairobi tougher every day. On Baraka slum market resident Mwajuma complains how difficult it is to feed her kids. In Kibera slums sack gardening allows slum people to grow their own vegetables. Your reporters for African Slum Journal are Eriss, Musa and Ursula.

Food on the table

Carol Nyambeki has a vegetable shop. Slum residents like her fresh products. Working slum residents eat their cooked meals at the local food stalls. Sometimes good, some unhygienic but ah well, you can get sick everywhere. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Beryl Omunya.