Youth aware of HIV

Youth aware of HIV

Voluntary testing is growing among the youngsters in the slums. Many want to know more about the virus and how to avoid getting it. Watch this African Slum Journal, your reporter is Eriss Khajira.

Tin latrines a hazard

As the sun sinks the tin latrine comes to life in Majengo slums. With more than 15.000 people only one public toilet is open day and night. People are forced to use tins as latrines, stuffed under the bed. Or use plastic bags, known as ‘flying toilets’. It lowers your dignity, but you are forced […]

Fire tragedy in Sinai

On September 12th, 2011 a fuel pipeline exploded right here in Sinai. Many people died or lost their homes in the inferno, caused by siphoning fuel. Who is to blame? Authorities help with calamities, but forget about slum people when everything cools down. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira.

Obesity in the slums

Obesity a sign of good life? ‘Better three thin persons than one fat’, is the opinion of matatu touts. And doctor Fredrick Okong’o has some good advice on your eating habits. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira

Sanitation a challenge

Critical issues in the slums are the poor drainage and sanitation conditions. Mama Kathure, a Pumwani resident: ‘When people dump their waste, the trenches get blocked and then with rains the water flows back into the houses. Very dangerous for the health of our children’. The youth groups from Lungalunga slums produce biogas from human […]

Light at all costs

The price of kerosine which is vastly used by low income earners is drastically increased, so cooking and lights are even more expensive for poor people in the slums of Nairobi. Kerosine lamps, called katadoba, are very popular in the slums, most of the time the only way to a have light at night. Although […]

Khat used & abused

Khat or ‘miraa’ is used by  a lot of youth from the slums. You chew the leaves to feel high, energetic and get an appetite. The sign of banana leaves hanging at the door of the shop indicates fresh khat is available. But too much is harmful for your health and it breaks up many […]