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Treacherous fires

Treacherous fires

Illegal electricity taps are often the cause of treacherous fires. Like some time ago in Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Nairobi. People come home from work and find their home in ashes. Fire brigades come often late or without water. “If we had permanent houses, we could prevent such fire incidents,” one of the slum residents claims. This illegal […]

Extreme poverty

Is extreme poverty reduced in Kenya by 2015? The millennium goal number one! Fifteen years have almost past, and did Kenya succeed in reducing poverty? Many people still suffer from chronic food insecurity and poor nutrition. Prices of food and fuel are high. Basic needs like food, housing and education are lacking. For slum residents […]

No man’s land

Margaret Wangare, 85 years old, was one of the first to settle in Mukuru slums, Nairobi after independence in 1964, and lives there for almost fifty years. ‘There was nothing when we came here. We were farming. There was a forest.’ On arrival these first residents were allocated land without title deeds. They started to […]

Bunge Mtaani Mukuru

Should slums be demolished? In Mukuru slums a court order has been set to demolish homes in Mukuru slum area and evict people who might have lived there most of their lives. Because they do not have title deeds, they cannot claim the land as theirs. Watch also the Mukuru slum Journal No Man’s land.  […]

Slum housing unsafe

It is a tough job to find a decent house in the slums. Magret is a displaced resident whose house has been demolished. ‘Due to low income you don’t know where to go, and sometimes have to build yourself a house in the fields’. Where the wind may blow away your roof. Or often houses […]

Fire tragedy in Sinai

On September 12th, 2011 a fuel pipeline exploded right here in Sinai. Many people died or lost their homes in the inferno, caused by siphoning fuel. Who is to blame? Authorities help with calamities, but forget about slum people when everything cools down. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira.

Light at all costs

The price of kerosine which is vastly used by low income earners is drastically increased, so cooking and lights are even more expensive for poor people in the slums of Nairobi. Kerosine lamps, called katadoba, are very popular in the slums, most of the time the only way to a have light at night. Although […]