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Reuse your plastic wares

Reuse your plastic wares

Repair and reuse your plastic wares instead of buying new. Watch our 97th African Slum Journal. When you live on less than a dollar a day, you like to repair it. For 50 Ksh, half a euro, Musila repairs broken plastic containers in Majengo slum, Nairobi. His work is called ‘chomelea’. In this video Musila tells us that the job […]

Dandora dumpsite dilemma

Dandora dumpsite reached it maximum capacity in 2001, but nowadays still tons of garbage are dumped there. Thousands of people depend for their daily living on the dumpsite. Margret Njeri Kamau: ‘I collect plastic bags to sell. What makes me happy about this job is that I can buy some flour and sugar, and don’t […]

Metalworks vital in slums

Under the burning sun and hot tin roofs Jua Kali (Swahili for ‘hot sun’) entrepreneurs work tirelessly in the hammering noise. Humphrey Omondi is very proud of his profession. ‘We learn these skills from experienced blacksmiths like Jacob, a veteran in the metal industry. It is an honest job, and we make real Kenyan household […]

Tires a second life

After their lives on the roads the tires fall in the hands of creative and innovative people. Like Mr Shadrack Kyalo who makes them into Akala slippers. Appreciated by Maasai customers or even people from Sudan. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Benjamin Sidori.