Slum Skaters – YouTube

Slum Skaters – YouTube

In Korogocho slum the Hope Raisers Skaters claim the streets in weekends by introducing skating as an exiting game and sport to young people in the streets. Your reporter is Ursula Akinyi, and cameraman Musa Chahare.

Crazy about soccer

The love for soccer, it all starts on dusty grounds with a ball made from waste plastic bags and ropes. Soccer keeps children from scavenging the dumpsites. Also girls are good in the field, and soccer is good for their self esteem. Your reporters  for African Slum Journal are Musa, Eriss and Peris.

Sports in the slums

Running and weight lifting is a way to keep your body fit. Despite poor materials and sometimes dangerous conditions along the roads George Mwangi and his friends try to maintain their body in shape. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Beryl Omunya.