100th African Slum Journal – The Making of…

Ursula reporting - 100th African Slum Journal

100th African Slum Journal – Ursula reporting

The 100th African Slum Journal is a milestone and worth a celebration. Our development reports from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya since 2011 and their impact on our local slum communities. See how we work in the slums and travel with our equipment in crowded matatu. See the men at work who are collecting human waste in the slums. “I want people to see my work”, a waste collector shouts. And he is right! A lot of slum dwellers could express themselves about their challenging life in our episodes up to the 100th Slum Journal! Nairobi Community Media House (NCMH) makes these Slum Journals since 2011 with a team of well trained and talented young reporters. And they produce even more: TV-formats, animations, and more films for NGO’s and cooperative organizations. NCMH is almost self sustainable, but to continue to make these important Slum Journals we can use your  support! We want to give more slum residents a voice. Thanks for following, supporting and sharing us!

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