Bunge Mtaani Kayole

BungeMtaani Kayole5This debate Bunge Mtaani about Living with HIV/Aids is held in the slum of Kayole, Nairobi. We speak about how we deal with the virus HIV/Aids. What are the facts. Information is everything. How to live positively, how to eat well to keep your strength, how to deal with the medication, etc.  Most important message: ‘Do not isolate a neighbor or relative who has the virus, because you don’t know what tomorrow brings to you.’ No more stigma around HIV/Aids is what we hope for. Watch also our slum Journal Restoring hope with Angela’s story about living with HIV.

Bunge Mtaani project – ‘Parliament of the street’: Once a month in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi community Media House screens short documentaries for an audience of one of the twenty slums that Nairobi is ‘rich’. Residents participate actively. They raise relevant issues from the slums. After the broadcast the residents can actively have their say on these issues. The documentaries give the slum dwellers a voice!

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