Bunge Mtaani Kibera

Bunge Mtaani KiberaIt was a hot debate at the Bunge Mtaani screening in Kibera, Nairobi. Most of the people present say: ‘Family planning is good. Life is very difficult if you don’t plan ahead.’ Women say: ‘Men should always use protection.’ Condoms too are a way of family planning. The use of the female condom was also explained. A man talked about vasectomy for men as the most effective way. But one man says: ‘Children are my own choice. When I want to procreate, I will do it as much as I want. I have six children and they are not struggling.’  The most important message is: ‘Ladies, do not go to a quack for family planning methods, but go to a good doctor, a trained health practitioner who can explain all the different ways to do family planning.’   Watch also the African Slum Journal about family planning.

Bunge Mtaani project – ‘Parliament of the street’: Once a month in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi community Media House screens short documentaries for an audience of one of the twenty slums that Nairobi is ‘rich’. Residents participate actively. They raise relevant issues from the slums. After the broadcast the residents can actively have their say on these issues. The documentaries give the slum dwellers a voice!

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