Bunge Mtaani Korogocho

BM Korogocho2Is extreme poverty reduced in 2015?  The Korogocho slum residents debate on this Number 1 Millennium Goal. How far has the government and the country achieved this goal? Are there any concrete plans to reduce poverty for us? Can we feed our children and let them go to school now better than in 2000? And what can we do ourselves, when nobody else will help? One of the residents says: “Believe in your abilities, try to get out of poverty yourself. Don’t wait for the government to help you.”

Bunge Mtaani project – ‘Parliament in the neighbourhood’: Once a month in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, Nairobi community Media House screens short documentaries for an audience of one of the twenty slums that Nairobi is ‘rich’. Residents participate actively. They raise relevant issues from the slums. After the broadcast the residents can actively have their say on these issues. The documentaries give the slum dwellers a voice!

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