Bunge Mtaani Majengo

Bunge Mtaani Majengo‘Does 24hr business reduce the issue of unemployment especially in the slums?’ Yes, it creates jobs for youths who then stay away of crimes. No, it attracts illegal business during the night and makes people irresponsible. In this 2nd Bunge Mtaani screening, organized by Nairobi Community Media House, Majengo residents debate the pro’s and con’s of 24hr business in their area.

Majengo lies less than 3km from Nairobi Central Business District. It is next to the biggest market called Gikomba. With a population of ca. 150.000 people it is highly affected by unemployment which leads to prostitution, insecurity, Hiv/Aids, idleness among other social vices. Due to unemployment some people start a hotel business, which goes for 24hrs and also could act as hide-out of criminals in the area. Watch our Slum Journal about the Majengo 24hr business.

Bunge Mtaani project – ‘Parliament of the street’. Once a month in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, we screen short documentaries for an audience of one of the twenty slums that Nairobi is ‘rich’. Residents participate actively.  They raise relevant issues from the slums. After the broadcast the residents can actively have their say on these issues. The documentaries give the slum dwellers a voice!

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