Reuse your plastic wares – YouTube

Reuse your plastic wares – YouTube

Reuse your plastic wares instead of buying new. Watch our 97th African Slum Journal. When you live on less than a dollar a day, you like to reuse it more than once. For 50 Ksh, half a euro, Musila repairs broken plastic containers in Majengo slum, Nairobi. His work is called ‘chomelea’. In this video Musila tells […]

Matatu Graffiti Art – YouTube

Matatu graffiti art is hot in Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya’s president lifted the ban on matatu graffiti art recently. The matatu drivers in Nairobi compete which bus has the best graffiti art. Donald, aka Donnaz, and Kevin Muchiri, aka Kevs Auto, are both matatu graffiti designers. They have their own themes on the buses. More than […]

Slum money – YouTube

Slum money makes life easier for residents in Gatina slums, Nairobi. Imagine your life without a bankaccount or creditcard. How would you cope? ‘Gatina Pesa’ is a complimentary currency limited to the Gatina neighborhood. This slum money, introduced by a group of schools in Gatina neighborhood is very much welcomed by the local residents. It […]

Slum Skaters – YouTube

In Korogocho slum the Hope Raisers Skaters claim the streets in weekends by introducing skating as an exiting game and sport to young people in the streets. Your reporter is Ursula Akinyi, and cameraman Musa Chahare.

Old for New – YouTube

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‘Mali kwa Mali’ is a Swahili word which means Goods for Goods. These barter traders walk in middle class estate exchanging new plastics wares with old things such as shoes, clothes or electronics, but do you know where they take them after the exchange? Your reporter is Irene Kibet.

The Green Gold Khat – YouTube

The decision of the European Union to ban the sale, consumption and import of Khat, left the Kenyan khat farmers, packers and traders bitter behind. In Meru 80% of the economy is depending on khat production, but now export has collapsed. Joseph Karuti, for more than 34 years a khatfarmer in Meru, is proud of […]

Periods no longer a shame – YouTube

No more days of shame for young girls from the Slums of Mukuru who experienced degrading situations when they had their menstrual cycle. Now they learn when their period is coming. And an innovative idea of manufacturing reusable sanitary towels is coming to their rescue.