Recycled hairdo – YouTube

Recycled hairdo – YouTube

What happens to all the used hairpieces of Nairobi women? Recycling hair? Mercy Wanjiku, a young mother of two in Dandora slums, works with recycled weaves, and makes a good living out of it. A new hairpiece costs Ksh 500 (5 e), a recycled one only 100 a 150 Ksh. “It pays my rent, feeds […]

Deaf rapper Lal Daggy – YouTube

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘deaf rapper’? Meet Lal Daggy!! Kenya’s first deaf rapper from Kitengela, Nairobi. Lal Daggy lives his dream of becoming a rapper in sign language. Also watch his video ‘Proudly Kenya’ on YouTube. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Jimmy Kitiro.

Drugs menace – YouTube

John Kuria started using drugs on the tender age of eight. Now he can no longer express himself, so his sister Jane does it on his behalf. He disappeared for two years and came back when he was ten years old. He had started smoking bhang (marijuana), fuel fumes and gum. After he came back […]

Powercuts, no electricity – YouTube

Power blackouts are frequent in Mukuru slums and in the rest of Nairobi. Not only dangerous because of people using kerosine ‘tin’ lamps and candles in the houses, but also bad for business because shop owners often have to close early due to lack of security in the dark. Rose (Mama Franco): ‘If you leave […]

No man’s land – YouTube

Margaret Wangare, 85 years old, was one of the first to settle in Mukuru slums, Nairobi after independence in 1964, and lives there for almost fifty years. ‘There was nothing when we came here. We were farming. There was a forest.’ On arrival these first residents were allocated land without title deeds. They started to […]

Aborted dreams, Teenage mom – YouTube

“Before I conceived, I never missed school. Now I can’t concentrate because taking care of my baby is exhausting. I am forced to do my homework at 3 am”, says Emily, who is Emily during the day and mama Denzel at night. Almost three out of ten teenage girls in Kenya are having babies, due […]

If tomorrow comes – YouTube

‘At the age of 80 I still have to collect firewood. My father had many goats, but we never thought of saving for old age. And now without family buying basics as food and soap is a problem.’ Not many people save money for old age, and the government has no regulations on that. But […]