Dandora dumpsite dilemma – YouTube

Dandora dumpsite dilemma – YouTube

Dandora dumpsite reached it maximum capacity in 2001, but nowadays still tons of garbage are dumped there. Thousands of people depend for their daily living on the dumpsite. Margret Njeri Kamau: ‘I collect plastic bags to sell. What makes me happy about this job is that I can buy some flour and sugar, and don’t […]

Housework pays hard – YouTube

Damaris, a mother of two from Soweto Slums does everything to provide for her family. ‘It all depends on your luck. We sit under the scorching sun. You feel thirsty and hungry.’ How deep can an African woman go to put food on the table and give her children an education. Damaris walks daily more […]

Radio stations in the slums – YouTube

Ghetto Radio, Koch FM and Classic FM are all very popular in the slums. Shiko is a passionate radio presenter at Koch FM, one of the first community radio stations in Kenya. ‘Why did we start up in Korogocho slums? We voice out issues that happen here. Issues about environment, children missing or even elderly, […]

‘Bill Gates’ of the slums – YouTube

In Mukuru slums every one knows Michael Kinyua, a real entrepreneur. Determination and high dreams keep him going. ‘When I earn some money I immediately invest it somewhere else’. Managing guest rooms and a public choo, helping people to start a small business. He all manage it from the centre of his business, a general […]

Metal workers ‘Jua Kali’ – YouTube

Under the burning sun and hot tin roofs metal workers ‘Jua Kali’ (Swahili for ‘hot sun’) hammers tirelessly in the noisy slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Humphrey Omondi is very proud of his profession. ‘We learn these skills from experienced blacksmiths like Jacob, a veteran in the metal industry. It is an honest job, and we […]