Changing faces of Dandora

Changing faces of Dandora- safe and clean playgrounds for school children

Safe and clean playgrounds for school children

‘Changing faces in Dandora’. We speak with Sylvan Ayiecha, chairman of Tunawiri Self Help Group. Dandora has the name of the biggest dumpsite in the world, but it is time to make a change. Instead of idling around, the youth are volunteering to clean their spaces in the neighborhoods. They clean trenches, paint the houses, gates and schoolyards in fresh colors again. They make good and safe playgrounds for the school children. “When we can change the environment, we can change people’s minds”, says Paul Mureithi of Mustard Seed Court. The community begins to see the common interest in keeping the courtyards clean and safe. With a small contribution for car parking in th evening the youths can be payed for cleaning up. Although there is always a lack of tools. Many courts and public spaces in Dandora can be turned into safe and clean places if there is more financial support, and it creates many sustainable jobs for hundreds of youth as well.

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