Drugs menace – YouTube

John KuriaJohn Kuria started using drugs on the tender age of eight. Now he can no longer express himself, so his sister Jane does it on his behalf. He disappeared for two years and came back when he was ten years old. He had started smoking bhang (marijuana), fuel fumes and gum. After he came back at he stayed up all night and was going insane. His mother Njeri tells: ‘When I tried giving him medicine, he would tell me “be ready for war!” Cases of drug abuse in the slums of Nairobi are alarming. A lot of youth are exposed to harmful drugs. Though Kuria’s family is happy that he no longer lives in the garbage, they are confused what to do. They cannot afford to take him to a rehabilitation centre. Your reporters are Ursula Akinyi and Peris Wairimu.

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