Extreme poverty

PovertyIs extreme poverty reduced in Kenya by 2015? The millennium goal number one! Fifteen years have almost past, and did Kenya succeed in reducing poverty? Many people still suffer from chronic food insecurity and poor nutrition. Prices of food and fuel are high. Basic needs like food, housing and education are lacking.

For slum residents like Mary every day life is a huge challenge. No work, no income, no money for rent or for medication. Only one meal a day. A house covered with polythene paper.  ‘This poverty does not end. Children and their mothers are still scavenging their food in the dumpsites of Nairobi’, she says, ‘I would like poor people like me to be helped with money to start up a business, with money to educate my children so that they can have a better life.’     Your reporter is Ursula Akinyi.

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