Family planning in Kibera

Lilian1Women like Lilian in Kibera slums, Nairobi agree: ‘Family planning is a necessity. Life is very difficult when you do not plan ahead. And when you get pregnant it is difficult to work or go to school. ‘ Kibera is already very crowded. It is difficult to get housing. In Kenya the population is estimated to reach in 2030 around 66 million people. A lot of women do family planning, but sometimes do not discuss it with their husbands. They are complaining about the side effects of the birth controls means, like headaches, lack of appetite, growing fat, causes of infections. Going to a good health practitioner is important. ¬†All kind of stories are going around, so more knowledge about the means for family planning and good education about it is necessary. Your reporter is Ursula Akinyi.

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