Green Motorbike Revolution

green motorbike slum journal reporter

Our reporter on the green motorbike

The green motorbikes are a revolution for smooth and fast transport in the city. As Nairobi is always bustling with heavy traffic, the motorbikes are a good alternative for public transport. It is door to door service and fast. With the world wanting to go green and durable, the new electric motorbike is clean and silent. No smoke and noises. No fuel, and rechargeable in the house.  And when after 80 kilometers the battery goes flat you either recharge or just peddle home.

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  1. The green motorbikes are an upset for smooth and quick transport in the city. As Nairobi is continually clamoring with substantial activity, the motorbikes are a decent option for open transport. It is way to entryway administration and quick. With the world needing to practice environmental safety and tough, the new electric motorbike is perfect and quiet.

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