Hair salons in Nairobi

Hair and beauty salons in Nairobi

Hair salon in Kariobangi Market, Nairobi

One of the most popular jobs for women in Kenya is working in a hair salon. Or even better having your own. With the trainings of  Paul Mangi, salon entrepreneur, ‘the ladies are guaranteed of a job’, he tells. They learn about the new styles their clients want, about the latest fashions of weaving styles. You find them in the hairdressing school and salons in Kariobangi Market, Nairobi. Grooming is a daily ritual and looking good is extremely important for the Kenyan ladies. So customers find their way to the salons every day. And the discussion is upcoming to relax and weave your hair or go ‘natural’ as celebrity hair stylist Felicia shows.

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  1. I would like to work with them because am also a hairdresser in uganda

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