Matatu Graffiti Art

Matatu graffiti_sMatatu graffiti art is hot in Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya’s president lifted the ban on matatu graffiti art recently. The matatu drivers in Nairobi compete which bus has the best graffiti art. Donald, aka Donnaz, and Kevin Muchiri, aka Kevs Auto, are both matatu graffiti designers. They have their own themes on the buses. More than a thousand young artists works in the industry now. The drivers compete to attract more customers with their customized matatus. Can the government do more to create employment, now the president supports this moving graffiti ? Watch also Matwana Kahawa and Matatu Culture on FB .

16 Comments on “Matatu Graffiti Art

  1. i like the “industry” i would love to join……and exploit the talent… also an artist wish i had a chance…..

    • You should go and ask you never know what will happen and wish you all the bast

  2. I would like to get in the art industry I’m a graffiti artist .very much wishing to exploit my talent but I got no chance

  3. don,t like art but i love it, i have been trying all my life to fit but the only thing i can fit in is the pride of doing what i love, art is my voice and am ready to take the next step.

  4. am art really my passion am rily in quest for art n design those mathree’s ..all du ma best tu follow my dreams.

    • Thanks max..matatu industry now is doing great.keep the passion going.

  5. cool; industry kwanza imejenga vijana sana, wanakula jasho yao; chance ndio wengine kama sisi, siukosa but if given that chance; why should we waist tym doing thing zitatuland kwa noma, give as that opptunty to enjoy our God blessed talent; thanks for this space to share our thoughts

  6. impressed with the graphiti industry, am a graffiti artist wish i had a chance to join the industry i’d do my best

  7. Hi, Moses Maina is my name. Looking for a graffiti contact, have some small assignment on do some graffiti on a container. Reach me on 0713320318 asap.

    • Hi Maina kindly contact Matwana Matatu Culture Through +254 771 190 122.Best Luck

  8. I like the matatu industry..its really amazing..have also gat a talent in drawing so pretty it is..wish i get a chance there

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