Murals in Korogocho slum

Talking wallsYouths in Korogocho slums, Nairobi express themselves in their mural art.  They paint messages of hope and change. The young artists inspire their community by drawing positive images and messages to change their society. When you grow up in Korogocho slum you can also make a change. The slum residents like these murals. Many slum residents give permission for the murals on their walls. ‘It is art and educates our community.’ The artists paint messages like ‘May we live in peace’. Which creative people are behind this idea of passing messages through walls? Watch this inspiring African Slum Journal.  Your reporter is Ursula. And see also Street Art Nairobi on FB


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  1. Happy reunion in Kibera Posted by rywornae on September 10, 2012 First day back in Kibera after more than a year. It was a very happy reunion with the kids at Shine Academy. Seeing the difference a year of education, love, food and clean water makes in the life of impoverished, abused and malnourished children is the fuel that feeds my passion. What an awesome and emotional experience! Thank you to my heroes Javi and Catherine for doing all that you do (see previous posting).

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