Polygamy in Kenia

Polygamy in marriage

“I love my wives equally” says David

In the countryside, 300 km from Nairobi, we meet David, his two wives and their six children. David tells us about his polygamy marriage with his two wives. He loves his wives as he love all his children. And divides favors equally, otherwise there is no peace around. His wives also seem comfortable with the situation, although Caroline, first wife had no say in the matter.  David says: “You can tell your first wife of your plans, but you do not allow her to make that decision for you.” And just that was what bothered women most when the Polygamy Law was passed in april 2014. The law protects second and more wives against inequality in rights, but does not give women the right to known upfront if they marry a husband who is planning to have a polygamy marriage.

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