Rabbit Urine

Rabbit Urine Fertilizer

Gardening with rabbit urine fertilizer

Rabbit keeping is nowadays very popular in Kenya. In this 112th episode of African Slum Journal, small farmer Francis Wachira shares with us his secret of getting good yields from his crops through the use of rabbit urine. At first Wachira was keeping rabbits for the meat for his family and surrounding community. But now he is using the organically produced rabbit urine to spray his field with instead of using expensive artificial fertilizers. And his garden is blooming with it. He mixes one liter rabbit urine to five liters of water, otherwise it would burn his plants. With five rabbits a farmer can already collect one liter per day. No more artificial fertilizers and much healthier crops on the field. Some of the farmers stick to the rabbit meat as there might be more profit. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Vivian Awuor.

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  1. nice, I aminterested to know more about apllication of rabbit urine which gives to sweet corn or hybrid corn

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