Reuse your plastic wares

repair plastic in majengo slum

Chomelea, repair of plastics in Majengo slums, Nairobi

Repair and reuse your plastic wares instead of buying new. Watch our 97th African Slum Journal. When you live on less than a dollar a day, you like to repair it. For 50 Ksh, half a euro, Musila repairs broken plastic containers in Majengo slum, Nairobi. His work is called ‘chomelea’. In this video Musila tells us that the job gives him enough money to keep his family, to build a house and educate his children. And his customers in Majengo slums can do longer with their plastic goods as many struggle to make ends meet.

One Comment on “Reuse your plastic wares

  1. Jimmy Kitiro produced a fine report. His introduction asked whether we know how they chomelea do their jobs, and I would have liked to hear more about that. I’m also interested in any adverse health impacts for the chomelea, and how long the repairs hold.

    Thank you for your reporting. These issues matter to us, even a half-world away!

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