Riding bicycle

bicycleIn slums Riding a bicycle is a easy as renting because most of the people living in the slums can’t afford to buy new bicycle and this has helped many slum dwellers to know how to ride bicycle.
Join Irene Kibet as she takes you through this exciting journal.

One Comment on “Riding bicycle

  1. This was an interesting premise, yet it would help to have more facts in the story. For example:

    – How many bikes does he rent out and how has the business grown?
    – What prevents renters from stealing the bikes? (Do they have to stay within a walled area?)
    – What does he mean about catering to the hospital if children are hurt? (This is an important point, yet it was confusing. I would have liked more detail from the reporter.)
    – Is it possible to rent helmets?
    – Is this just for fun, or does anyone rent bikes to use as part of their business or to go to school? (How long are the longer-term rentals?)
    – Who rents the bikes? Do girls rent as often as boys?

    Thank you for producing these stories. The more facts you include, the more interesting and informative they will be.

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