Sanitation and sports

Sanitation and sport

Ballgame to learn to wash your hands properly

Sanitation and hygiene are amongst the biggest problems in the informal settlements of Nairobi, with their flying toilets, the lack of clean water and unsafe places for children. This 99th episode shows that through sport and ballgames like ‘clean hands race’, or ‘world toilet cup’ the children in the slums can learn at early age about sanitation and hygiene. They learn how to wash their hands properly to kill the germs and prevent them of getting diseases like cholera and typhoid. And of course it’s lots of fun doing a soap attack! Learn more about Sanitation and sports here.

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  1. Down with a bug? I was last week the FLU bug to be exact. I have never sweated so much in my life (sorry TMI but holy night swtaes and thank God for deodorant!) I’m also thankful that I did not get sick this week as this Thursday afternoon I am headed to Nairobi, Kenya, on a mission trip with Every Girl Counts!

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