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We are very proud of making more than 200 African Slum Journals in Nairobi, Kenya! We come from humble backgrounds ourselves and give Africa a voice. The local media sector is stronger now. Help us to produce more of our Slum Journals and support our Reporters!  

Make a Slum Journal!

Support a Slum Journal and give the slum community a voice! With your help, we can keep producing a slum journal a € 250,- every two weeks in 2015.  Thank you! 

Support for a New Camera!

With your help we keep giving a voice to local issues. Our camera is aging. We need a professional digital camera to keep recording these slum stories. Costs are € 3.300.

If you prefer to support African Slum Journal on a monthly basis, please feel more than welcome to send your financial contribution directly to Voices of Africa Media Foundation, Haarlem, The Netherlands – bankaccount IBAN – NL75ABNA0457820004 – BIC – ABNANL2A