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Vision, determination and a forgiving heart best describes Dj Talanta. When he lost his arm during the 2007-2008 post-election violence he kept on going with a hope that the future will be bright, and with only one hand he makes a living from performing as a Dj. Our reporter Ursula Akinyi tells us the inspiring […]


The beautiful African prints is the way to go for the fashion industry which was seen to be leaning towards westernization. For Angeline the African prints gives her leeway to tap into her creativity and come up with unique designs for her clients. Ursula Akinyi our reporter tells the story of African Trendz.

Hair salons in Nairobi

Hair and beauty salons in Nairobi

One of the most popular jobs for women in Kenya is working in a hair salon. Or even better having your own. With the trainings of  Paul Mangi, salon entrepreneur, ‘the ladies are guaranteed of a job’, he tells. They learn about the new styles their clients want, about the latest fashions of weaving styles. You […]

Paralympic Swimming

Paralympic swimming

“My name is Anne Wacuka Njeri. I am a swimmer”. That is how inspirational paralympic swimmer Anne Wacuka introduces herself and tells her story. With pride and dignity. In Nairobi, Kenya it is not so easy to grow up with a disability. A lack of knowledge often let people treat you with pity.  But Anne […]

One Leg, No Limits

As a football player, cyclist and skilled taxi driver Ibrahim Wafula has one leg, but knows no limits. At an age of 7 years he lost one of his legs in a car accident. Coming from a poor family it was not so common that his mother stimulated him to play like any abled person. Now he is an […]

Life after high school

Career after high school

Life after high school in Nairobi most of the time differs from the dreams the students have. Collin, a 20 year old, dreamed of becoming an aeronautical engineer. Now he is selling earrings and -t-shirts. But he is his own boss, and proud of it. “Use your talents, with or without high school”, he says. Because […]

100th African Slum Journal – The Making of…

100th African Slum Journal - Thomas camera and Jimmy sound

The 100th African Slum Journal is a milestone and worth a celebration. Our development reports from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya since 2011 and their impact on our local slum communities. See how we work in the slums and travel with our equipment in crowded matatu. See the men at work who are collecting human waste in the slums. “I […]