An old cultural custom against marrying uncircumcised women is blamed for the rampant FGM cases, especially in Tharaka Nithi one of the many counties that still continues to practice the outdated culture of female circumcision. Our reporter Ursula Akinyi tells us of the intensified campaigns on FGM.


Sports’ betting has grown in leaps and bounds absorbing Kenyans into yearning and hoping for quick rich schemes. The promotional offers in the media and rise of casinos helps to maintain the gambling mentality for those who get the predictions right reaping big as the rest continue betting. Our reporter Bernard visited some of the […]

Polygamy in Kenia


In the countryside, 300 km from Nairobi, we meet David, his two wives and their six children. David tells us about his polygamy marriage with his two wives. He loves his wives as he love all his children. And divides favors equally, otherwise there is no peace around. His wives also seem comfortable with the situation, although Caroline, first […]

Buganda wedding

This Buganda wedding on the Uganda – Kenya border is a joyful mix of customs from different cultures. The women wear colorful ‘Gomaz’ traditional dresses. The father of the bride accepts gracefully the groom and his family into the brides family house and speaks his wise words over the couple. And after a lot of dances and […]

Poor marriage

Taking care of each other is one key to a good marriage, especially in the slums. But for Ezekiel and Esther this is not the case. For twenty years they fight each other. Reasons? Too much alcohol, no food on the table, no rent paid, no uniforms for the kids, etc etc. Sometimes they hurt […]

Family planning in Kibera

Women like Lilian in Kibera slums, Nairobi agree: ‘Family planning is a necessity. Life is very difficult when you do not plan ahead. And when you get pregnant it is difficult to work or go to school. ‘ Kibera is already very crowded. It is difficult to get housing. In Kenya the population is estimated […]

Bunge Mtaani Kibera

It was a hot debate at the Bunge Mtaani screening in Kibera, Nairobi. Most of the people present say: ‘Family planning is good. Life is very difficult if you don’t plan ahead.’ Women say: ‘Men should always use protection.’ Condoms too are a way of family planning. The use of the female condom was also […]