Promising Fish Farming Economic Projects in Isiolo,  Kenya

Promising Fish Farming Economic Projects in Isiolo, Kenya

About 70% of the northern area residents depend solely on livestock for their livings. A number of farmers and livestock breeders resorted to fish farming, which was supported by the county and The World Food Programme, following the death of many livestock due to the drought. The aim is to limit the malnutrition among children. […]


The worst desert locust in Africa has been devastating to the Samburu community. African slum journal tell us about the worst locust infestation in 70 years for Kenya.

Urban Farming in Kibera

Urban farming brings food and money it has brought life in Kibera. With a fast rising population in Nairobi, the demand for more and better food is growing tremendously. Still, many people from rural areas come to the city because they don’t want to farm. They think farming is something for old people, but there’s money in farming. Knowledge is […]

Animals in the slums

In Nairobi slums keeping lifestock as goats, cows, chicken and also pigs is hard because of lack of space. Pigs are sometimes kept in secret because some people don’t like it out of religious reasons. Your reporter for African Slum Journal is Eriss Khajira.