Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle

In slums Riding a bicycle is a easy as renting because most of the people living in the slums can’t afford to buy new bicycle and this has helped many slum dwellers to know how to ride bicycle. Join Irene Kibet as she takes you through this exciting journal.

Digital migration

The migration from analogue to digital TV transmission in Nairobi, Kenya will finally be effected on Boxing Day, 26 December. But can the slum residents afford to pay for the set boxes? And do or don’t you have to pay each month or one time only? A mother fears that without TV at home her children […]

Puppets for a message

Victor Otieno and Zangalewa are using theatre, music, and dance to mobilize people for events. ‘We use it to give information about certain issues, to educate and to pass messages, like we did in Kibera, the largest slum of Nairobi, on a event for peace before election time. People loved it and participated by signing […]

Thirst for news

More and more the slum residents use the internet on their cellphones to search for the latest news. Majengo slum residents Caleb Otieno and Jama Salim use facebook to look for newslinks. Also community radio is popular. Iqbal Moi, a community radio presenter: ‘We broadcast the voice of the voiceless in several slums like Mukuru, […]

Radio still powerful

Ghetto Radio, Koch FM and Classic FM are all very popular in the slums. Shiko is a passionate radio presenter at Koch FM, one of the first community radio stations in Kenya. ‘Why did we start up in Korogocho slums? We voice out issues that happen here. Issues about environment, children missing or even elderly, […]

Insurance awareness

Can you insure yourself against future risks? Joseph Mai had gone to Donholm to get food for his livestock when the Sinai fire broke out. Returning he found his house in flames and his family in hospital. The community helped him out a bit. Lack of insurance just made the situation worse. But is it […]

Mobile money transfer

In the slums of Nairobi a lot of people use their mobile phones for browsing, listening to music & news, contacting friends, and last but not least paying the bills easily. Very widespread in East Africa is the use of mobile money transfer Mpesa, a quick and safe way for paying and keeping your money. No […]