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Music on the rise

Music on the rise

Watch the upcoming music band Eidala from Kariobangi, formed by leadsingers Sharon and Tess and their band. ‘With our songs we express our feelings about the issues in our communities.’ As an upcoming band they rehearse at ‘VOCAL’, a studio in the slums, where they can borrow instruments and meet other musicians. Eidala played at  the ‘Music Of the People’ Event. An event […]

Sanitation and sports

Sanitation and hygiene are amongst the biggest problems in the informal settlements of Nairobi, with their flying toilets, the lack of clean water and unsafe places for children. This 99th episode shows that through sport and ballgames like ‘clean hands race’, or ‘world toilet cup’ the children in the slums can learn at early age about sanitation and […]

Murals in Korogocho slum


Youths in Korogocho slums, Nairobi express themselves in their mural art.  They paint messages of hope and change. The young artists inspire their community by drawing positive images and messages to change their society. When you grow up in Korogocho slum you can also make a change. The slum residents like these murals. Many slum residents give permission for the […]

Nail Art

In Kayole slums Nicko’s nailsalon New Palace is popular. Although the ladies can be demanding, they like his style and friendliness. ‘It is all about interest and trying hard to please your clients’, Nicko says, ‘it is a good job. I can pay my rent and support my parents in the village’.    Your reporter […]