Cattle in the city

Cattle in the city

After the draughts of some years ago a number of pastoralists stayed around the city of Nairobi, herding their cows and goats. Maasai pastoralists roam the streets of Nairobi with their cattle in search of water and grass. Herds of cattle cross the tarmac roads. Irritated motorists have to wait until the cows or goats have made way […]

Christmas spirit

Merry Christmas and a happy 2015 for all of you! Nancy, 10 years old and her family sing their gospels and cultural songs for the community. From everyone here at Nairobi Community Media House, may God’s blessings be with you all this festive season.  

Clean cooking stoves

Clean cooking stoves are build in Amboseli in the south of Kenya.  Maasai women learn to build these clean cooking stoves from their neighbors from Tanzania. No more dangerous smoke and soot in the poorly ventilated houses. This causes a lot of pneumonia and eye diseases especially to children. A chimney attached to the stoves pushes […]

Maasai women

In the Chyulu Hills Maasai women talk to African Slum Journal about how they try to hold on to their rich culture by proudly wearing their ornaments. Dennis Abraham: “As a woman you are only allowed to wear them when you become a mother. Men wear them on their feet and arms only.” Strong rooted in their culture […]