Impact of COVID-19 in Mathare Slums


Boxgirls is an organisation established to empower marginalised communities of Nairobi. Our reporter Lorna spends time with them, at Chemichemi Secondary School where the girls are passionately take up boxing as a sport.


Billian Okoth was born and raised in Mathare, from experience he knows how it is to go to school dressed in a torn uniform. Ficha Uchi is a Kiswahili phrase meaning ‘cover your nakedness’. This campaign started with an aim to provide uniforms for children in Mathare slums. Edinah Bakora brings this inspiring story.


Sam was born and raised in Korogocho slums, growing up, Sam engaged in criminal activities.  Now, a reformed criminal he runs an initiative with a group of transformed youth from the slum who out of past hard life experiences have seen the need to give back to the community in a humble way. “Your clothes” initiative targets the vulnerable children, widows, single mothers […]


Steve Biko, a first-born in a family of four, was born and raised in up in Huruma. Biko is  a spoken word artist and fondly referred as G- cho pevu. For Steve a beautiful voice he chose poetry as a medium of communication and to pass information to the people, this is the art of […]


The earth is covered 71% by water, yet water shortage and rationing in Nairobi Estates that lasts for months has forced water companies to come up with more innovative ways to provide the residents with this precious commodity. Our reporter Vivian Awour visited Mathare slums for their famed water ATM.

100th African Slum Journal – The Making of…

100th African Slum Journal - Thomas camera and Jimmy sound

The 100th African Slum Journal is a milestone and worth a celebration. Our development reports from the slums of Nairobi, Kenya since 2011 and their impact on our local slum communities. See how we work in the slums and travel with our equipment in crowded matatu. See the men at work who are collecting human waste in the slums. “I […]