Illicit brew

Illicit brew

Poison or medicine? Illicit brew or chang’aa has led to many deaths or loss of eyesight. But can it also cure? Consepter claims her chang’aa is unique. It comes from a village, has no chemicals and even can cure you from diseases like the flu, typhoid or a wound in the mouth. Can that be true? […]

Bunge Mtaani Mathare

Going digital? Analogue TV sets were switched off in Nairobi on 26 dec ’13. More than 90% of the TV viewers in Nairobi were affected by the switch off. Television sets became useless in homes where owners had now yet acquired a set top box to receive digital broadcasts. The prices of the set boxes (about  Sh4,000) are […]

Teaching is a call

‘I am a teacher and I like it!’, says Michael Maingi from Kwa Watoto school in Mathare slums. ‘We bring up children. Doctors, bankers, they all passed through the hands of a teacher. Teaching is enjoyable because as you teach you also learn.’ Compared what teachers like Michael get at the end of the month […]

Living in the Slums

African Slum Journal creates a platform for giving the slums a voice and a face. We, young reporters from the slums tell you these captivating real life stories about situations that affect the people in the slums positively or negatively. Stories from Mukuru, the ‘valley’ dumpsite for industrial waste. Kibera, the biggest slum in Kenya. […]

Crazy about soccer

The love for soccer, it all starts on dusty grounds with a ball made from waste plastic bags and ropes. Soccer keeps children from scavenging the dumpsites. Also girls are good in the field, and soccer is good for their self esteem. Your reporters  for African Slum Journal are Musa, Eriss and Peris.

Elders coping

Francis Murage at the age of 72 works as volunteer at the chiefs office in Mathare slums. Some people think that elders should retire to the countryside because they make job opportunities scarce, but others think we need them to guide us and show us the way. In Kariobangi is a home for elderly. But most […]