To venture in most professions a lot of experience is needed causing a high number of young people to face of unemployment. Our reporter Evelyne Ayoo spent time with young people who are taking working tirelessly on construction projects to gain experience.


Wanny Angerer in Moving Cultures is using music and dance therapy as a core element, to send a message of transformation in different communities. Our reporter Jimmy Kitiro spent time in Magoso Primary School, Kibera to bring us this story.


‘Be Bold For Change’ that was the message when African Slum Journal together with Wanny Angerer in Moving Cultures joined women to celebrate International Women’s Day. Our reporter Edinah Bakora spent time with them to bring us this story.


Peterson Olesadira is an athlete by day and a watchman by night. For practice Peterson runs from Embakasi where he lives to his workstation Dafam hotel, 11 kilometers away everyday; morning and evening. During the selection of the National team to Rio he went up to the semi-finals. Our reporter Jimmy Kitiro spent time with Peterson, […]

Cattle in the city

After the draughts of some years ago a number of pastoralists stayed around the city of Nairobi, herding their cows and goats. Maasai pastoralists roam the streets of Nairobi with their cattle in search of water and grass. Herds of cattle cross the tarmac roads. Irritated motorists have to wait until the cows or goats have made way […]

Green Motorbike Revolution

The green motorbikes are a revolution for smooth and fast transport in the city. As Nairobi is always bustling with heavy traffic, the motorbikes are a good alternative for public transport. It is door to door service and fast. With the world wanting to go green and durable, the new electric motorbike is clean and silent. No […]

Matatu Graffiti Art – YouTube

Matatu graffiti art is hot in Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya’s president lifted the ban on matatu graffiti art recently. The matatu drivers in Nairobi compete which bus has the best graffiti art. Donald, aka Donnaz, and Kevin Muchiri, aka Kevs Auto, are both matatu graffiti designers. They have their own themes on the buses. More than […]