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Hair salons in Nairobi

Hair salons in Nairobi

Hair and beauty salons in Nairobi

One of the most popular jobs for women in Kenya is working in a hair salon. Or even better having your own. With the trainings of  Paul Mangi, salon entrepreneur, ‘the ladies are guaranteed of a job’, he tells. They learn about the new styles their clients want, about the latest fashions of weaving styles. You […]

Paralympic Swimming

Paralympic swimming

“My name is Anne Wacuka Njeri. I am a swimmer”. That is how inspirational paralympic swimmer Anne Wacuka introduces herself and tells her story. With pride and dignity. In Nairobi, Kenya it is not so easy to grow up with a disability. A lack of knowledge often let people treat you with pity.  But Anne […]

Polygamy in Kenia


In the countryside, 300 km from Nairobi, we meet David, his two wives and their six children. David tells us about his polygamy marriage with his two wives. He loves his wives as he love all his children. And divides favors equally, otherwise there is no peace around. His wives also seem comfortable with the situation, although Caroline, first […]

Quest for a husband

Over the years mama Wambui has been looking for a companion, but she has not been lucky in her relationships. Every man she falls in love with turns out to be a new source of pain and yearning. With three children from different men, for her is finding a prince charming is an upper hill […]

Clean cooking stoves

Clean cooking stoves are build in Amboseli in the south of Kenya.  Maasai women learn to build these clean cooking stoves from their neighbors from Tanzania. No more dangerous smoke and soot in the poorly ventilated houses. This causes a lot of pneumonia and eye diseases especially to children. A chimney attached to the stoves pushes […]

Maasai women

In the Chyulu Hills Maasai women talk to African Slum Journal about how they try to hold on to their rich culture by proudly wearing their ornaments. Dennis Abraham: “As a woman you are only allowed to wear them when you become a mother. Men wear them on their feet and arms only.” Strong rooted in their culture […]

A special child

Ryan, the beautiful firstborn son of Christine is deaf and dumb as a result of the meningitis he had as a small baby, the doctor said. Despite all the difficulties because of this, for Christine her two boys are a bundle of joy. Much harder it is to live with the rejection by her family and her husband because of it. This really hurts […]