Urban Farming in Kibera

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Urban farming in Kibera

Urban farming brings food and money it has brought life in Kibera. With a fast rising population in Nairobi, the demand for more and better food is growing tremendously. Still, many people from rural areas come to the city because they don’t want to farm. They think farming is something for old people, but there’s money in farming. Knowledge is the key, especially about good agricultural practices, knowledge about the market and knowledge about the fun of farming. Only if people enjoy farming, the image of farming will change. The sack farmers in Kibera, Nairobi know about urban farming. Many young people have a good job in urban farming and selling their crops. Like Joshua Otieno from Kibera Community Empowerment Organization (KCEO) who is showing us how to grow vegetables in sacks like onions, spinach and kales. Many self help groups in Kibera are gardening in plastic bags, using compost manure from the waste. They make good money selling their crops and they prepare garden bags for family food. One bag can feed a family of 6 persons. Sack farming in Kibera has helped discourage people from planting crops near dump sites and sewers. Read more on Farming Africa or meet young farmers all over the world on Ypard.

2 Comments on “Urban Farming in Kibera

  1. thank you for this piece of good news! whenever you hear of kibera it was always about something depressing or about crimes and violence. i salute the people who took the initiative for this project. may you continue to have more like this, giving life and hope to people.

  2. Amazing! Even in some of the worst conditions basic, common sense solutions can improve the situation dramatically. Knowledge is power. Many blessings to you. Looking forward to the newsletter.

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